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Elevators In Compliance With Weston's Law

In July 2021, 7-year old Weston Androw of Canton, Ohio became trapped between an elevator car and elevator shaft in the vacation home his family rented on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. EMS workers were able to free Weston from the elevator but were not successful in resuscitating the young boy. Weston’s tragic death spurred action by lawmakers to enact a new law regarding safety requirements for elevators in short-term rental properties. On July 8, 2022, Governor Cooper signed House Bill 619, also known as Weston’s law, which is designed to prevent future injuries and deaths resulting from gaps in certain residential elevators.

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The law applies to elevators in private residences, cottages or similar accommodations that are rented for 15 or more calendar days per year. Similar to the North Carolina Elevator Safety Act, the law defines an elevator as any hoisting and lowering mechanism, with a car or platform, which moves in guides and serves two or more floors of a building or structure.

Bryant Real Estate has taken a strong stance and required any home that provides a residential elevator or that has one on the premises to meet the standards of this law. Any elevator that does not meet code will be disabled and locked down to prevent use until it is compliant. We have had property owners update their elevators to be compliant, and this list continues to grow.