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Local Offshore Fishing Spots

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Local Fishing Spots

Some of the most fished waters along the entire East Coast are off of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Alive with an enormous variety of fish found in artificial reefs, live bottoms, rock formations and even old creek beds, these not-so-secret fishing spots attract good eating fish like Spanish mackerel, gray trout, flounder, mahi-mahi, king mackerel, grouper and snapper, plus larger game fish like tuna, and trophy billfish such as sailfish and white marlin on any given day in June.These top fishing spots are well known to local anglers, but how they were named and what lies beneath the surface of the water is not. Some were named by fishermen ages ago; some were named for what was sunk at the location; and some are official names given by the state or the federal agencies that built the reef.

Manmade artificial reefs begin a few miles out and continue 15 miles offshore or more. There are also a large number of naturally occurring ledges and live bottoms, as well as aging military wrecks and bombed freighters and boats from the World War II era.

Some of these locations are a highly kept secret, known only to those who have searched and found them while venturing from one location to another. Other spots are well-known hideouts that normally hold a fish or two should your boat be the first one to arrive.  Visit: ONLINE ARTICLE for information and GPS coordinates of each spot. 

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